Spreadsheets Lesson 4

Once again, we will review what we did last week.

  • Functions: Min, Max and Ave graph
  • Column Graph
  • Bar Graph

During this lesson, students should continue to progress with the work from previous weeks. As each seperate exercise is completed, please upload the digital files via the Subject Resources folder. For those who have completed the previous weeks’ tasks, your work is listed, in order, in previous lessons below.

Task 1: Students should begin this lesson by completing as many of the short Starter Activities from the teach-ict link, Lesson 4.

Task 2: Read through the instructions entitled ‘lesson4 task’. This task is to complete a spreadsheet exercise on Concocting Spells. (The spreadsheet is on the list for Lesson 4, entitled ‘modelling. xls.You will need to scroll down the page  until you get to Lesson 4. Save this to your ICT folder in yur user area before you begin work on it.)

Task 3: Print off this spreadsheet when it is complete and hand it to Mrs Turner.


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