Time to reflect

Image by Mahdi Ayat

We are going to learn some new skills on our blogs this week, but we need to take a little time out and reflect whether we can do everything we’ve set out to achieve – properly. 

What have you learnt so far? The following are key stages in learning how to blog and have video help linked to each point:

1.Sign up for a WordPress Blog 

2. Logging into your WordPress Blog

3. The WordPress Dashboard

4. Choosing a WordPress Blog Theme

5. Tidying Up the Blog and Adding Widgets

6. Adding a post with an image and link: adding this to a Widget.

7. Creating a Blogroll and adding Links in WordPress.

Be patient whilst the videos load. The set of videos is also available from the School Blog site.

Image from ZeRo'SKILL

If you feel confident enough to go on ahead, why not add in more widgets? See if you can add a Clustrmap to your blog. Clustrmaps enable you to see where people who visit your blog are from. See if you can find out how to get the code and add it to another text widget.

Add some more posts using the link from our Nottingham High School Blogs ICT Development page.

Do you want to add a photograph? We can arrange to lend you the ICT department camera and you can take a photo to upload to your blog.

Why not leave a comment on your friends’ blogs?


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