Blogging about our Glogster Poster

This week we’re going to complete a new blog post about the Glogster e-safety poster you produced. Can you remember how to save an image from the internet? Once the image has been saved you need to create a new post on your blog. What do you think the post title should be? You need to write about the content of the poster, explain what and why you included any particular slogans, images or videos.

I’ve added a link to another set of (more simple) videos of how to add an image into a post. You then need to add the URL to the image to create a hyperlinked image in a blog post. You can refer to the videos from the Year 7 blog post – “Time to reflect”.

It is important that students remember to “Save Draft” once you’ve inserted the image into the post, as sometimes it is tricky to insert a hyperlink to the image unless this has been done.

Add tags to your post. What should these be? Once you’ve done this, find your friends Glogsters on their blogs and comment on them. Use the formula: two stars and a wish. What do you think this means?


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