Olympics Project

We’re going to begin a project which will include us using two tools –  Adobe Premiere Elements and Comic Life. All the links that students need to start the project are below. Listen carefully when we discuss them in class. Click on this URL.  http://www.3x3links.com/olympicsproject2012


1. Click on the link called, “Lesson Project Microsoft”.  Open the Word document called  “Research the Olympic Games”. Scroll down to another Word document called “Student Handout”. Save and then Open this Word document. The outline of your project is here. HOWEVER, instead of presenting the work in a Publisher leaflet, we will be using Comic Life for the end publication.

2. There are several parts to this Project:

a) Links are included to the history of the Olympic Games and to the current sports which are competing in the 2012 games. You need to choose a city where the games were previously held AND a single sport to write about. The ‘Information Ideas’ is where you fill in the answers (on the Word document) once you’ve completed your research. This is simply rough work, or preparation for the content of your publication. As a general guide, one topic should fill at least one Comic Life page. The project must include sufficient text and images to cover the suggested ideas.

b) Using the link to “Create your mascot” students should create an Olympic mascot. Your mascot will be the narrator of your publication. This should then be saved as a screen shot in MS Word. We will learn how to crop an image in Photoshop. (A help video is included in the links.) As the weeks progress, students will learn more Photoshop skills and these will enable you to build effective images for your project. (Idea: Why not change your mascot’s clothes for each page?)

c) There is a link to some ideas of how other Comic Life projects have been created as well as a link to a Comic Life ‘How To’. Do not be afraid to explore the application.

d) Extension tasks will include creating your own Olympic logo in Photoshop and completing the online Olympics quizzes.

Have fun!


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