Spreadsheets lesson 1.

This week we’ll be starting with some Spreadsheet work. Let’s first test your skills by playing the “Save your Team” and “Dunk the Teacher” games on this interactive quizzes page from the Teach ICT website.

How did you do? I think its best that we look at the theory behind spreadsheets as a firm start to this section.

Once we’ve looked at the theory we can start some of the exercises from the Harry Plotter Task.  Students need to complete the following – in order:

Task 1: Read through the Project 1 Presentation. (Shopping List)

Task 2: Complete the ‘Harry Plotter shopping list’ spreadsheet exercise. NOTE – the instructions are to open a new spreadsheet which is found in Start > Programmes > Core Programmes.

Use the Spreadsheet videos if you need further help or explanation, type relevant key words into a Google search, or ask your teacher for help.

Extension Task : Complete the spreadsheet on The Train Journey. The file is in Lesson 2 and is called “lesson2 starter.xls”. This file must also be saved to your user area before you start it.

In all cases, as these are web-based activities, be patient when the files load on opening.