Spreadsheets Lesson 5

QuestionMarkWe’re nearly at the end of our section on Spreadsheets now and sometime in November we’ll move on to study Internet Safety. Students should then continue to work through Spreadsheets in their own time, until they have completed all the lessons.

Task 1: The Spell Cost spreadsheet which was done in the previous lesson (Lesson 4) needs to be adjusted. Open the pdf file called Spell Cost Modelling sheet and follow the instructions. Create your own Word document and type in the answers to the questions. Save it as ‘Spell Cost Modelling’. There is no need to print it off.

Do you remember what ‘Modelling’ is? Spreadsheets provide a mathematical model of every day situations. i.e. planning how much money one would have to charge each student who attends a fund-raising class disco. Formulae can also be inserted into spreadsheets to answer ‘what if …?’ questions. ‘What if the cost of the hall hire increases?’ ‘What if we have to charge every student an extra £1?’ ‘How much profit will we make then?

The spell cost modelling sheet will help you to practice this.

Task 2: The Hogwalk’s Student Stationery Shop. This exercise is in Lesson 5 from the teach-ict website. It requires you to plan your own spreadsheet. For this, you will need to print off the planning sheets. Once you have completed the exercise, put your name on the planning sheet and hand it to me.