Scratch Programming

Once we’ve finished with our creative writing pieces on the blogs, we’ll begin working with SCRATCH. Scratch is a software application which allows us to make simple and complex programmes for animating objects on screen.

Here are some examples of what people have done in Scratch Projects:

1. Soulja Boy

2. The hamster dance

3. Dynamite AMV

4. Space Shooter

5. Need for speed

To enable us to experience how prgramming instructions work, we’ll discuss the steps to make a cup of tea. Students should see that there is much careful “step planning” in order to produce this seemingly simple procedure. Scratch works with “building blocks” of instructions which are dragged and droppped into place in order to build up a programme. We’ll look at some examples of Scratch so that we can see what one can create. (Students can log onto the Scratch website and create their own collection of favourite programmes at home. These can also be downloaded and added to.)

1. Look at this presentation on the concepts of Scratch.

2. Study the basic Scratch interface.

3. Once we’ve understood the Scratch interface we’ll construct an aquarium.

4. Next we’ll try some other ideas in the aquarium.

5. Experiment!

(Thanks to Margaret Low & Jean Bodycote for the tutorials.)

Extension: Some Scratch video tutorials – try these, especially the one which teaches you how to change the colour of the fish.